1. Anonymous said: When did this project start? What are the intentions behinds it and where is the work done?

    Hi there.  This blog is not affiliated with any project.  It is simply documenting street art in New York City.  Some of the work is created my friends, but not all of it.


  2. Edapt and Foxx Face / East Village


  3. CB23, Edapt, Foxx Face / Bushwick

    (Source: yesyesyeah)


  4. El Sol 25 / Williamsburg


  5. Magda Love, Edapt / Surplus Candy / East Village


  6. Left Handed Wave / Surplus Candy / East Village


  7. Mr. Toll, Dee Dee / Surplus Candy / East Village


  8. PEAR / Williamsburg


  9. Russell King and Matt Siren  /  Williamsburg


  10. Koyo / Midtown